Condensed Film Portfolio (1:37). Below are entire videos.

Commercial (5:02): Video edited for To see more of my videos go to this link:

Commerical (1:03): "Dive In" is a minute-long commercial produced for Whitman College Admissions. The ad was sent to accepted high school applicants to entice them to visit the campus. (2016)

Project (2:18): A semi-instructional aural ode to this great medium format camera.  Zenza Bronica S2a, Nikkor-P 75mm F2.8, Ilford FP4+. 

Commercial (3:56): A preview of my father's book Cool Tools.

Project (7:09): "In Stride" is a documentary about the process of prothetic leg construction and what kind of impact it can have on life. (2016)

Project (2:04): Photo-roman storytelling: using only still captures to describe a backpacking trip. (2015)

Editorial (15:09): "Beyond Honey" investigates the phenomenon of colony collapse disorder currently plaguing honey bee populations around the world. (2013)

Editorial (4:17): A mini-doc that spotlights visiting artist John Powers and his installation in the Stevens Gallery at Whitman College. (2015)

Commercial (7:43): A music recording session produced, filmed, and edited for the Whitman College Music Department. Showcases students of the Jazz Ensemble performing 'The Hammer' by Dave Glenn.