Commercial (6:47):  This is a 180 degree stereoscopic documentary experience that follows artist Dan Colvin in his process of making stone sculpture. Set against the western region of Washington State's Cascade mountain range, we first follow the artist as he collects stone from the river. Then intercut between his studio, we hear his thought process behind what materials he decides to choose. Complimented by tracks from Robert Rich, this video hopes to bring an immersive engagement to the sublime presence that an environment has on molding a piece of art. Giving the viewer some autonomy aims to allow a deeply felt appreciate of the thought and work that goes into creating a piece of art.

Commercial (1:03): "Dive In" is a minute-long commercial produced for Whitman College Admissions. The ad was sent to accepted high school applicants to entice them to visit the campus. (2016)

Project (1:00): A semi-instructional aural ode to this great medium format camera. This video abstractly demonstrates focus, changing aperture, adjusting shutter speed and the film loading process. The video ends with a few sample photos taken with the camera.

Project (1:00): An aural ode of a small camera. Shows off the sounds of the small Canon ELPH 180, up close and personal. Music produced by Prashant Naidu was made using the recorded sounds of the video.

Project (1:40): I moved into an apartment on Roy St. Last weekend, Ned and I planted ourselves on the street corner and stopped pedestrians and people on-their-way to ask for their video portrait. I think this video portrait maps the street at a slower pace that the street usually experiences. The street is usually loud with speeding cars and people scurrying to get somewhere as fast as possible. It was refreshing for me to bask in a street with the people in it for the slower timescale it can provide.

Commercial (5:02): Video edited for To see more of my videos go to this link:

Commercial (2:35): Motion-graphic video produced for Pixvana

Project (4:17): Video documentation of the Walla Walla Art Foundry's process in making "Julian on Crate." The film attempts to grapple with the divide between artists and art laborer by asking the essential question: when does the object become art?  

Project (0:57): A video playing with windows on a computer desktop.

Project (7:09): "In Stride" is a documentary about the process of prothetic leg construction and what kind of impact it can have on life. (2016)

Commercial (3:56): A preview of my father's book Cool Tools.

Project (3:26): Bali is a place of ritual that exceeds its territory. On its surface is a sheen of serenity. Underneath is a steady vibrance which I hope to elicit here in this projection.

Commercial (2:00): Case study video for Pixvana looking at VR geospatial training as an enterprise solution.

Commercial (1:48): BTS video for a Pixvana production about the use of VR phsyco-educational experiences to confront social anxiety.

Project (2:04): Photo-roman storytelling: using only still captures to describe a backpacking trip. (2015)

Editorial (15:09): "Beyond Honey" investigates the phenomenon of colony collapse disorder currently plaguing honey bee populations around the world. (2013)

Editorial (4:17): A mini-doc that spotlights visiting artist John Powers and his installation in the Stevens Gallery at Whitman College. (2015)

Project (2:30): Assignment for New Genre Arts class, I mashed found footage scraped from the web and remixed it to foster an emergent message about competition, flesh, and the virtualization of the real emotion. I hope it says something about being candid with each other.

Commercial (7:43): A music recording session produced, filmed, and edited for the Whitman College Music Department. Showcases students of the Jazz Ensemble performing 'The Hammer' by Dave Glenn.